Bluebells at Trosley

Every year, the bluebells at Trosley Country Park put on a wonderful show as they cover the woodland floor with a carpet of lovely flowers.

In March this year we went for a bracing walk in Trosely Country Park, a large and lovely wooded parkland area popular with walkers and cyclists. There were few flowers out, unsurprisingly, but we could see plenty of greenery from the forthcoming bluebells. I wanted to make sure that we didn’t miss their magnificent display as we had the previous year, so a couple of months later we came back to see them in their full glory.

We’d left it a little too late — the beautiful flowers were already beginning to look a little bedraggled. But I managed to capture some lovely pictures of the violet-blue sea as it swept off into the distance under the dappled shadows from the forest trees.

The photos have languished on my phone since, a typical sad fate for most of our photos these days. So I finally uploaded them today and if you like this sort of thing, you can view the whole album on Flickr.

Img 20160430 150525
The sea of bluebells at Trosely Country Park, May 2016.