100 Words #9

Entry number 9 in my 100 Words for 100 Days series of scenes. Today, Del and Rodney brainstorm how to make money online. All credit to Alex Hardy for the idea and speculated trademarks. Apologies for the bad pun.

“We’ve gotta break into digital, Rodders. The money’s there.” said Del.

“Digital? I’ve only got a CSE in Maths!” replied Rodney.

“Doesn’t matter. We just need a good idea!”

Rodney pondered the issue. Then his face lit up. “What about… Twitter, but for gerbils?”

“Gerbils? Don’t be a dipstick Rodney.”

“Nah, not actual gerbils. People would write for them.” said Rodney with a lopsided grin.

“Actually not a bad idea. People love pets. We’d call it… Twerbl. No, wait.” Del paused as he thought of another name. “Gerblr!”

“Yeah!” said Rodney with excitement. “This time next year we’ll be gerbillionaires!”

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