100 Words #27

Entry number 27 in my 100 Words for 100 Days series of scenes. Let’s catch up with Terry from Day #2 and see how his job is going…

“This doesn’t feel right.” said Terry, “He seemed so nice.”

Terry looked at the inert body of the old man who was now crumpled over the spotless kitchen table.

“We don’t ask questions, remember?” replied Barry as he flicked through the mail on the table. “Anyway, we need those documents.” As he sorted the letters, his expression changed. “Hang on. What’s the address for this hit?”

Terry looked at his phone. “Twelve, Lorna Road.” he stated. “Why?”

“This post,” said Barry gesturing at the mail, “It’s addressed to Twelve, Lorna Avenue.”

The hitmen stared at each other.

“Shit.” said Terry.

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