100 Words #25

Entry number 25 in my 100 Words for 100 Days series of scenes. Children don’t appreciate being left out.

Sam peered through the window of the tree-house. He could see Susie below, pacing about and shouting up at him.

“I wan’t to come up there and play!”

Sam stuck his tongue out at her.

“Can she come up?” said Mike, looking up from his video-game.

“No way man.” exclaimed Sam, “This tree-house isn’t for smelly girls.”

Sam looked out again but Susie had vanished. “Ha!” he squeaked, “She’s gone.”

Just then a loud sound could be heard and the tree shook. Mike leapt from his seat, shouting. “What’s that noise?”

Sam’s eyes were wide with disbelief.

“It’s a chainsaw.”

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