100 Words #20

Entry number 20 in my 100 Words for 100 Days series of scenes. This scene was inspired by the hacking of Ashley Madison, a notorious “dating” site that enables people to cheat on their spouse.

Tom swiped through the dating app. Not a single pretty face caught his eye.

“Whatcha doing?” said a voice next to him.

Oh my God, thought Tom as he saw her. Louise. Funny, smart, gorgeous; untouchable. Tom’s breath quickened and his stomach performed back-flips. He spotted her wedding ring again. Louise sat next to him, very close.

“Er, I’m looking for a date.” Tom’s face flushed as he caught her piercing gaze. So gorgeous, he thought.

Louise touched Tom’s arm gently. Her touch was electric and he flinched. Louise smiled and held his gaze.

“I’ll be your date.” she whispered.

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