100 Words #19

Entry number 19 in my 100 Words for 100 Days series of scenes. What will be our digital legacy?

Archivist Six-Seventy exhaled, the only sound within the white recovery chamber. She sent a neural message to the Archive. Digital archive for dead planet eight-four-nine-two now processed. One message recovered.

Voices of the Archive entered her head. She focused on Primary: One message from an entire planet? Are you sure?

Yes, she replied. Group-casting now.

Six-Seventy pinged the message to the collective mind of the Archive. Three small words floated across their consciousness.


The Archive asked: Meaning?

Six-Seventy responded: Unknown. Analysis yields no meaning or value.

Primary replied: Acknowledged. Purge all data and process the next planet.

Categories: 100 Words, Short Story