100 Words #10

Entry number 10 in my 100 Words for 100 Days series of scenes. You’ll need a little pop culture knowledge for this one.

Milo ran excitedly around the huddle of chairs. He held his toy plane as high as he could, swooping it up and down as he screamed engine noises. An old lady smiled at him.

“He’s a jolly lad!” she said to Milo’s mother sitting opposite.

Elaine smiled. “It’s his first time on a plane. He’s been excited for weeks.” She laughed at Milo playing pilot as an announcement sounded on the public address.

Passengers for Oceanic Flight Eight-One-Five, please go to gate twelve.

Elaine stood and smiled at the lady. “That’s us. Milo, come on. We’re going on a plane!”

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