Who is Matt Hill?

I’m a digital designer, web developer, book cover designer, artist and writer. I do some of these things for money, and some of them for fun.

I grew up in Brighton, south England, and now live in Kent with my partner. I’m on the wrong side of forty, but apparently life begins there so I’m looking forward to what comes next.

I’ve always been a creative person, and take great pleasure in designing and building things. From Lego in my childhood, miniature painting in my teens, game level design in my twenties, and web-design for most of my career, I’ve always tried to keep my creativity alive. There’s nothing quite like seeing your own work come to life before your eyes. It’s intoxicating and immense fun.

I love books, films, history and art and have a keen interest in ancient civilisations. Any story that involves ancient and fantastical mysteries is right up my street, and when I get spare time I work on my own stories… which I’m always too fearful to publish.

When I’m asked what I do, I say I’m a web designer, but my career has been a bit broader than that. Since 1993 I’ve collaborated on hundreds of digital projects, from CD-ROMs, kiosks, websites and apps. I fell into it by chance, and was lucky to find a career that was creative, experimental and challenging.

I’m still a web designer in my day job, but more recently I’ve branched out into book cover design too. As a long time lover of books, being able to use my creative skills to design covers for authors around the world is a delightful thrill.

This site is a place for me to write about and share the things that I enjoy. Feel free to poke around and read my ramblings, and if you do read something you enjoy, you can be assured that I will be delighted.

— Matt Hill, August 2017