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I’m Matt Hill, a digital designer, web developer, artist and writer. This is my personal site where I write about creativity, review books, films and games, and sometimes write creative fiction.

Latest Journal

Back in the saddle

Yesterday I went on my first long cycle in ten years. That seems a crazy thing to write, when cycling used to be one of my favourite things. Why did I abandon it for so long?

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Latest Review

The Ship

The Ship is Honeywell’s first novel and a powerful debut. Set in the near future, one where the world has burned and civilisation ended, it’s part fable, part warning and part morality tale.

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Latest Creative

Show some respect

I’m currently doing the FutureLearn course Start Writing Fiction. As part of the course, we’re regularly asked to write pieces of work that may be too long to share on the FutureLearn site. This is my response to Week 2, Step 17: Ideas for a Story.

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